iDEVCO provides a wide range of software development services to clients worldwide. Below is a list of some of the services that can be provided by iDEVCO's expert staff. For specific questions and requirements please contact an iDEVCO sales representive.

Services include:

Project Management

The success of any project is largely dependent on a good methodology and strong, experienced project manager. iDEVCO's project managers all have at least a dozen years of IT systems development experience and can provide on time, on budget software delivered through iDEVCO's proprietary development methodology, an mash-up of Agile and more traditional development software development methodologies.

IT strategy and implementation

Whether building a simple information website, or a complex e-commerce transactional portal, iDEVCO staff can help you set strategy and build and implement a plan that will best utilize your resources to realize the highest possible return on investment.

Requirements Analysis

iDEVCO staff can assist a client in setting the overall scope of a project, gain buy-in from company leadership and stakeholders, and create the detailed requirements documentation necessary to translate an idea into reality. Our expert Analysts are trained to following a specific methodology which ensures that before any code is written, all parties are in full agreement on the scope of the functionality of each and every feature of the system.

Project Management

iDEVCO staff has extensive experience building projects both large and small on numerous Java development platforms. We work with a wide range of J2EE and .NET frameworks. Extensive experiences with Object Oriented Programming principles and multiple project management methodologies including Agile and Scrum, maximizes client results. iDEVCO staff has extensive experience with the Cloud computing and creating of highly scalable, large systems.

.NET Application development

iDEVCO has delivered many systems that utilize Microsoft's .popular and economical NET web development platform. Whether written in Visual Basic or C#, iDEVCO staff can provide the coding expertise and experience to create streamlined, efficient, reusable code for your .NET platform.

Web 2.0 and social media

iDEVCO staff is current with the latest technologies and uses of technologies. Whether it be Ajax programming, NoSQL, Grails techniques or developing a strategy to leverage web 2.0 social media trends, iDEVCO is there to provide guidance and support.

There are two main trends in social media. The first is towards people wanted to produce and be participatory, vs. passive consumer for entertainment. Rather than read a book or watch TV, people today are creating and posting YouTube videos and updating Wikipedia. Is your company tapping into and harnessing this trend?

The second is a trend towards crowdsourcing ' the harnessing of large crowds in a democratic fashion to get the right answer. Much as the stock market trades are a series of votes on whether a company is doing well or poorly, the web creates its own communities. Harnessing the most popular news stories or videos makes a statement through a series of "votes" about what resonates in the public today. Crowds can also assist with finding the right answer. It maybe Wikipedia or a company forum that allows users to assist each other and provide valuable feedback to the company. Is your company using this source of free information and assistance?

Database design and tuning

Going far beyond straight forward E/R diagramming, table normalization, and data conversions iDEVCO staff can tune and optimize your database for maximum performance and throughput. iDEVCO experts can help identify bottlenecks and provide extensive guidance with your database implementation thanks to their years of hands-on experience. Whether creating a relational database or an enterprise wide data warehouse, iDEVCO has the skills to assist.

HTML, JavaScript, and XML

Whether it be XML, now a staple for data exchange, or just the creation of an HTML and JavaScript information website, iDEVCO staff has seen and done it all.

Website design, graphics design

iDEVCO staff can either work with your existing designers and staff or bring in its own expertise to create a attractive, modern, efficient, and user friendly web site. Specializing in end user ergonomics and current web standards, iDEVCO can ensure that your website is as intuitive as it is professional looking.

Hardware and hosting consulting

Although iDEVCO doesn't normally provide hosting or hardware services, our experts can guide a client through the process and assist in ensuring selection of the right data center, the right hardware, and putting in place the right support.

Testing, documentation, and other supporting services

In today's world, it's becoming increasingly important to take into consideration cultural and international standards. Going well beyond making sure you have translations for your website in other languages, one must be sensitive to cultural sensitivities, and design a site from the ground to support multiple jurisdictions. Involving iDEVCO's international staff from the very start of any project can ensure that your site will be ready to go global from day one.

Project Management

Critical to any quality system, means it is thoroughly tested and ready for prime time. Our methodology involves unit testing (does each component work to spec), integration testing (do the components work together), and system testing (does a dollar in equal a dollar out). Furthermore we can provide additional testing services such as load and regression testing. Simultaneously, we can provide quality, usable end-user documentation along with any other supporting services that a client may require in the process.