About iDEVCO, Inc.

iDEVCO was founded in March, 1999 by David Olenzak and Jay Torg, as a computer consulting company to provide extremely high quality global, software development to governmental, non-profits, and international companies. iDEVCO's strategy is leverage US based project management and offshore development in iDEVCO's sales and development center in Budapest, Hungary. Since that time iDEVCO has successfully delivered hundreds of projects to a wide range clients from large public companies to small non-profits.

Services include:

iDEVCO Helps Combat Money Laundering

Computers iDEVCO, Inc. assists with the development of Truth Technologies flagship Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Sentinel software. iDEVCO personnel has provided critical consulting services to Truth Technologies in their most recent release of their Sentinel AML Software.

iDEVCO, Inc. performs high end computer consulting services for a mix of private, small, large, and government clients worldwide.

Truth Technologies, Inc. provides anti-money laundering and anti-fraud software to financial services companies worldwide. Learn more about Truth Technologies and it's flagship product Sentinel at www.truthtechnologies.com.